Tuesday, May 25, 2010

TV Tuesday

I know that I don't have many visitors...yet (I'm optimistic). However, I'm going to move forward with my TV and Movie suggestions even though I did not get a single yay or nay....really its okay to comment. In fact, please...comment.

So, anyway.....

Today is Tuesday and one of my favorite new shows that both my husband and I like to watch comes on tonight, Justified. It stars Timothy Olyphant who was in one of my favorite shows from not too long ago....Deadwood (HBO). He's a US Marshall and just like the title....he can justify his shootings. Good show plan and simple. If you were a fan of Deadwood, you'll like this show. In fact, we've noticed a few actors from Deadwood have shown up on Justified...coincidence, I think not. Its almost become a game to see who's going to show up each week. Check it out, 8:00pm CST on FX.

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  1. Haven't seen that one. I'm planning on some stamping tonight! Enjoyed lunch today!