Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another great find....

So this is how it works. I see something somewhere, i.e. magazine, book, flea market, whatever....I call my mom and ask, "Do you remember (insert the item remembered from my childhood here)? She says, "maybe." She goes and looks for it or asks my dad if he remembers it. Then she comes over with it. My dad is can pretty much count on him giving it to me.

Saw the stapler above in my latest Country Living mag and remembered it from when I was a kid. Voila! It magically appeared at my house. Thanks Daddy and Mom! Now if my mom still likes it and wants to keep it, there is no chance I'm getting it, but I cool with that.

The stapler is a Pilot made by the Ace Fastener Corp, Chicago IL. It still works too!

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